of molestrologers and new year resolutions – part 1


Believe it or not, I got molested last week by a 72 year old astrologer.  Yes, you read that right.

Me, a heavily pregnant woman the size of a small planet, about to deliver any second now, poked in the crotch by an old rambling man with one arm debilitated in an accident and one leg in the proverbial grave.

Let me back up a bit.

Mister’s mom and I had heard fascinating things about K. Santhanam, a well-known palmist and astrologer who lives at 92, Pocket D, Mayur Vihar Phase 2, Delhi – 110091. (I decided to add his complete address here, just in case you feel compelled to send him hate mail after reading this shit.)

So anyway. Mom and I decided to consult this guy because we were curious about what he would have to say about my future. And yes, I believe in this mumbo jumbo when I feel like it.

He started by telling us how he was…

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A thought


All he does is put the washing machine and dry the clothes. Or clear the table and get his daughter ready for the school. My friend moaned. Her son was in between jobs. He is a highly qualified and sincere person and finding a job will not be a problem. But maybe he wants to take some time off.

I was wondering what was more difficult to accept her son not having a job or his doing domestic chores. In all probability the latter.

I grew up in a family where my father was always helping in the daily household work. He was the first to get up make tea for himself and my mom. Then all us children got warm milk . Hot water in those days had to be warmed in a huge container. So he saw that we got hot water for our bath. My mother would…

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Nothing Can Defeat Her..not even death


There was Sambhar, Rice, Rasam , Biscuits , Wabbattu, Coffee n cake . There were love and hospitality. There was a hard working mother trying to make a semblance of a life with her two kids three years after her husband died. Somya turned 12 and Shanta, the lady who helps me keep my house clean , threw her a birthday party. Shanta is a suicide survivor owing to depression after her husband died. Today she is a happy mother trying to do as much as possible for her two girls. We were thrilled n honored to be a part of her celebration.

Such incidents that we come across daily in our life teach us the way to live life on our own terms, no matter what may come in our path, just get over it.

Nothing can defeat her courage and love for her children. 

As told by Sarah Huda

Sassy Shades of Life


This blog post will somewhere remind you of the story Kabuliwala. The story of a local vendor and a little girl. The Vendor (Kabuliwala) has a deep affection for this little girl, who he sees as his daughter. But unlike the story of Kabuliwala, this little girl doesn’t forget him when she grows up.

Twelve years back I use to bargain with this man who I will pay only Rs 5 for two packs of popcorn. I use to take it almost everyday. The he started selling Gola so I made him have a stall during farewell times in my college days. Later when I graduated and started working as an interior designer I made him a wooden box to keep all the money on his thelaa on the road, it was box like a piggy bank in which he could insert the 5 rupees coins also. This man attended my wedding nine yrs back and came with dignity all dressed up with 500/- in the envelope as a gift. Fifteen years have passed by, he still sells popcorn, sweet corn, Jamun, Peru and groundnuts at the same place. Knowing him all these years, makes me realize that some people are so hardworking, live life happily and do the best they can. I took this pic today when the BMC took away his thelaa from the road and are gonna charge a heavy fine 2000/- but he kept smiling and roasting the sweet corn for me saying don’t worry I AM alright. A big salute to his kickass attitude!!!

(A real life incident, as quoted by Resham Java)

Life: The Naked Truth

images.jplife  (by Parul Mathur, taking life as it comes)

This afternoon I was sitting in my Company, desperately waiting for the HR to return with my relieving letter. I noticed a resume lying at her desk for consideration. Bounded by curiosity I started examining it and went through the details. Firstly I noticed the writing on the form filled up in her own hand writing, I said, her writing is ok. Then I started reading the resume, her qualification, perusing B.Com. (off-campus) from some college, I said ok, so she has applied for the position of tele caller. Ok, I saw she had experience in call center. “Why these guys just do not complete their studies first, why do they run after money damn it” , I said to my self. I continued reading further, Father’s Name: Late Mr. xxxxxxx, oh she has lost her father, hmmm..sad, my mind said to me. I read further, then Mother: Late Ms. xxxxxxx Damn it, her mother is also not alive. I immediately saw the year of her birth, she was just 21 years old. Now I was totally immersed in the guilt, what I was thinking about her, oh god! she has gone through a lot! Then I started thinking that she must be dependent on someone else for all her needs, she must used to miss her parents very badly. When she will return home from here, no one will ask her that if she had something to eat all this while. No one would repeatedly call her to know that if she is ok or not. No one would call her to ask that when she would return. I read it several times that we should be kind to everyone, coz every one is fighting his/her own battle in life. Very True! I As I left the office I saw that girl (a warrior, I believe by now) was waiting outside, to be called for an interview. It definitely changed my way of looking at people…for good.


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I Earn My Bread Each Saturday

blog(By Parul Mathur, life’s true story)


I make thalis and Diyas each saturday for devotees who come at Shani Mandir. At 6 six years of age, I manage to earn around Rs 300-Rs 400 every Saturday and bring things for my family. Sometimes some very kind uncle and aunties offer food stuff to me. From last two weeks I was down with fever so didn’t come to work. No earnings, scanty food. I cherish a full stomach, sight children going to school and children taking rides at malls.